IKShS, Sesion Shkencor – Physical Condition in Different Groups 07.07.2021

Departamenti i Performancës Sportive, Instituti i Kërkimit Shkencor të Sporteve organizon Sesionin Shkencor me temë ” Physical Condition in Different Groups”, 07.07.2021 

  • “Measurement and study of the quality of speed and coordination of movement in the lower upper extremities with children aged 7-9 years”, 07.07.2021, MSc. Marsida Bushati and Prof.Dr. Albert Karriqi,
  • “The effect horizontal plyometric on the VO2max and anaerobic capacity soccer players age of 16-18 old”, 07.07.2021, MSc. A.Bici, Prof.Dr. Agron Kasa, Dr. F.Mema, 
  • “Anaerobic performance of the woman’s Basketball team “Partizani” “, 07.07.2021, MSc.M.Plasa, MSc.L.Koçi,
  • “Physical activity as a therapeutic instrument against depression”, 07.07.2021, MSc.A.Bajaziti,
  • “The development and comporison of agility in three sports disciplines”, 07.07.2021, MSc.A.Nurja, MSc.E.Muka,
  • “The use and incidence of tobaccco a students of  University of Sports”, 07.07.2021, MSc.S.Xhufi, Prof.Dr.Dh.Bozo,