Abstract – ISR- 2019

  • Abstract.ISR Scientific Session,”Biomarkers in Physical Activity and Sport – recent developments”,08.05.2019, Prof.Dr.Dhurata Bozo
  • ISR Scientific Session, “Growth and development of the organism over the years”, 22.11.2019, Prof. Dr. Albert Karriqi .
  • ISR Scientific Session, “Sports thinking and trends of the time in its implementation in scientific research”, 08.05.2019, Prof. Dr. Albert Karriqi.
  • Abstract. ISR Scientific Session, “Assessment of talent selection methodology in sport games”, 08.05.2019, Dr. Enkeleida Lleshi.
  • Abstract. ISR Scientific Session, “Selection volleyball girls U18 in functional parameters in Albanian”, 22.11.2019, Dr. Enkeleida Lleshi.
  • Abstract.ISR Scientific Session, “The effect of circuit training program in children’s physical parameters in volleyball”, 08.05.2019, MSc. Anisa Nurja
  • Abstract. ISR Scientific Session, “Effect of High Intensity Interval Method on Increasing Lactic Anaerobic Capacity”, 14.06.2019, MSc. Arben Bici.
  • Abstract. ISR, Scientific Session.”The impact of coordination ability in anthropometric parameters in children 8.12 years old”, 08.05.2019,  MSc. Enis Bellova