Project – Albania – NSGO

Cooperation Agreement
Cooperation Agreement
Danish Institute for Sports Studies/Play the Game

Sports University of Tirana/Institute of Sport Research
This Agreement effective as of date 18 November 2019 is between Universiteti i Sporteve të Tiranës (Sports University of Tirana-SUT) / Instituti i Këkmimit Shkencor të Sportit (Institute of Sport Research), an academic and research institution duly organised and existing under the law of Republic of Albania and having its registered office at Rr. Muhamet Gjollesha, Tirana, Albania, with VAT number K51712019Q represented in this Agreement by Rector Prof.Dr. Agron CUKA, its legal representative, hereinafter referred to as ‘SUT/Institute of Sport Research’.
and  Idrættens Analyseinstitut (Danish Institute for Sports Studies)/Play the Game, a research institution duly organised and existing under the laws of Denmark and having its registered office at Frederiksgade 78B, 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, VAT number DK27782515 and represented by Director Jakob Rathlev (hereinafter referred to as “Idan/Play the Game”) Hereinafter collectively referred to as the “the Parties” or individually referred to as “a Party”. SUT/Institute of Sport Research is the exclusive partner of Idan/Play the Game for running the NSGO project in Albania unless both Parties agree otherwise. The Parties agree to engage in a cooperation under the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement. Both commit to sustaining a regular dialogue and, to the best of their abilities, bringing up potential challenges to the successful realisation of the project
in due time for any problems to be solved.
The cooperation covered by this Agreement is a continuation the project ‘National Sports Governance Observer: Benchmarking sports governance across national boundaries’(hereinafter ‘NSGO project’), which Idan/Play the Game conducted in 2017 and 2018, in cooperation with academics and sports leaders in Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Montenegro and Brazil. The project was supported by funds from ERASMUS+ and the Danish government. In 2019, researchers from another seven countries engaged in the NSGO: Australia,Canada, Colombia, Georgia, Lithuania, Spain, and the USA.Through the NSGO project, a comprehensive set of presently 274 indicators of good governance in sports federations that operate at the national or sub-national level have been devised by the Scientific Coordinator, Dr. Arnout Geeraert from KU Leuven, for Idan/Play the Game. These indicators can be used as a robust framework for improving governance in national sports organisations.The indicators are dispersed over four good governance dimensions that emerge from relevant academic literatures, namely transparency, democratic processes, internal accountability and control, and societal responsibility. On the basis of the indicators, a method has been developed for aggregating each federation’s scores in governance indexes. This method takes into account the federations’ size and capacity. A higher weight will be given to those indicators that are most important. Through this scoring method it is possible to evaluate and compare governance across various sports federations at a national level but also across countries. Further information and the reports of the NSGO project can be found at:
The scope of this Agreement is technical and scientific cooperation related to the implementation of the National Sports Governance Observer project mentioned above in national sports federations in Albania. By entering into this Agreement, SUT/Institute of Sport Research becomes an official external NSGO partner to the NSGO project and is entitled to apply the National Sports Governance Observer indicators, in Albania under the guidance of Idan/Play the Game subject to the conditions specified in this Agreement. The cooperation involves an analysis of the governance structures in selected sports federations in Albania in order to make a detailed overview of the status quo of the governance of these federations, and to compare with national federations in other countries. The overall aim is to assist and inspire national sports organisations in Albania to raise the quality of their governance practices. More specifically, the cooperation involves the implementation of the standardised scoring methodology of presently 274 indicators of good governance developed by Idan/Play the Game in the entities of practice and administration of selected national.